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Math Centers in Mrs. Andreasen's Class

Math centers have been an exciting way of learning in Mrs. Andreasen’s class.  Students rotate through four different centers during math class.  The centers include seat work, iPad time, math games, and time with the . . . read more

Fourth Grade Field Trip to Filley Stone Barn

The Freeman Fourth Graders enjoyed a fun filled fall field trip to the Filley Stone Barn, and Homestead National Monument in early October. The students spent half of the day at the Filley Stone Barn, learning the history behind the . . . read more

Freeman First Grade Visits Pumpkin Patch

The two First Grade classes from Freeman Public School visited Korner Pumpkin Patch on Thursday Oct. 19 th  in the afternoon.  Jill Jobman discussed with the first graders the stages a pumpkin grows. She read stories to the . . . read more

Perfect NeSA Scores

Last spring, all students in third through eighth grade took the NeSA assessments, the Nebraska state test.  Individual student results were handed out to parents the week of conferences; however, group results have not been . . . read more

We Are "Quackers" for Reading!

Over two million people globally were expected to participate in Read For the Record and read the book Quackers by Liz Wong on October 19.  Freeman Elementary added around 270 adults and students to that number.  For more than . . . read more

Fifth and Sixth Grade Math

New State Math Standards Drive Math Curriculum

The beginning of the 2017-18 school year marks the first year of the new Nebraska State Math Standards. Math standards were previously revised in 2009. The standards, entitled, College and Career Ready, include more rigorous, challenging . . . read more

Third Grade Pirates Visit Gold Crest Retirement Center

ARRRRGH! The third graders recently traveled to Gold Crest Retirement Center for their first Freeman Friends visit of the year. The theme for the day was “Talk Like a Pirate.” Students went dressed in the pirate hats they had . . . read more

Friday Letters

As another exciting school year is well under way,  the second grade students have been busy writing.  They will be perfecting their friendly letter skills throughout the school year as they write Friday letters to their parents. . . . read more

Author Carmen Agra Deedy is coming to Freeman!

Carmen Agra Deedy will be speaking to the Freeman Elementary on Wednesday, October 18.  She has been writing for children for over two decades. Born in Havana, Cuba, she came to the U.S. as a refugee in 1964. She grew up in . . . read more

Flexible Seating in Classrooms at Freeman Elementary

Imagine walking into a coffee shop and finding a seat that you will be comfortable in. Flexible (Alternative) seating in a classroom is just like that! Flexible seating is a choice provided to students that allows them to work around . . . read more

Fifth Grade Field Trip to Camp Jefferson

  On April 27 th , the Freeman 5 th graders had the opportunity to be part of an awesome learning experience at Camp Jefferson near Fairbury, NE. This field trip was provided to the kids by our local extension agencies and it . . . read more

First Grade Field Trip to Beatrice

Mrs. Ideus and Mrs. Riha’s First Grade Classes traveled to Beatrice for a fun filled Field Trip.  First Graders visited different places in Beatrice.  We stopped at the Beatrice Community Hospital.  First Graders learned . . . read more

Book Madness

Book Madness   Mrs.  Andreasen’s  second grade class  and Ms. Niles’ class took part of  Book Madness .  A bracket of 16 books they have read this year began the . . . read more

SeeSaw in Kindergarten

This school year, there has been a lot of emphasis on how to use technology effectively in the classroom.  At the primary level, it takes a lot of patience and creativity to use it in an effective and engaging way.  We are so lucky . . . read more

"Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today!"

“Be the reason someone smiles today!” That’s the slogan for Freeman Elementary School’s first ever kindness challenge. Sometimes people are mean to one another. All you have to do is turn on your television, people watch for a few . . . read more

Pioneer Day in 4th Grade

On February 24 th , the Freeman 4 th graders, hosted a Pioneer School Day right here at school. During our day back in time, we recited poems the students had memorized, played a pioneer game of stickball for recess, practiced math facts on . . . read more

Good Choices = Fun Rewards

The Freeman Elementary students have been working hard all year at earning tickets for displaying good behavior and making great choices.  This year Freeman has implemented PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports).  . . . read more

First Grade Students Celebrated the 100th Day

First Grade Students Celebrated the 100th Day of School on January 25, 2017.  Some students participated in dressing up like a "100" year old person.  During the day, students did different activities to get 100 Points. . . . read more


Over the past two weeks, students from Freeman Elementary School have been busy learning the joy of helping others! From November 14 through December 2, students in preschool through 6th grade have been collecting new pajamas for needy . . . read more

2nd Graders Tweet about Learning

Mrs. Andreasen’s 2 nd   grade is learning how to use Twitter in the classroom as a learning tool.  A bulletin board has been designated with each student’s picture and a place for their tweet.  Students are asked . . . read more

Elementary Learn More about Empathy Through Second Step Program

Once a week I get the opportunity to visit each classroom and teach social-emotional skills.  For the 2016-2017 school year I am using the Second Step Committee for Children curriculum. This curriculum provides lessons to help children . . . read more


Students Utilize Textbooks and Chromebooks

The first quarter of the 2016-17 school year has been a busy one in Math for the fifth and sixth graders. Both groups have been working on Math concepts that will be a part of the Nebraska State Assessments, next Spring. Our . . . read more

4th Graders Infuse Science and Engineering into Reading Class

  4th graders in Mrs. Archer’s Reading Class have been reading the book entitled Dear Mr. Henshaw.  The main character in the book, Leigh Botts, encounters a problem when someone keeps stealing items out of his . . . read more

First Graders Visit Pumpkin Patch

The two First Grade classes from Freeman Public School visited Korner Pumpkin Patch on Friday Oct. 7 th in the afternoon.  Joni Schwab discussed with the first graders the stages a pumpkin grows. She also showed the first graders the . . . read more

4th Grade Field Trip

On Thursday, October 6 th ,  the Freeman 4 th graders went on a field trip to the Filley Stone Barn and Homestead National Monument to spend a day exploring different aspects of pioneer life in Nebraska.  They were able to try . . . read more

Second Grade Celebrates Constitution Day

The second graders celebrated Constitution Day by learning about the constitution and illustrating what the Preamble means to them.  We learned that a group of people, called Framers, got together to decide what the laws of our country . . . read more

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up???

What do you want to be when you grow up? Such a fun question to explore with First Graders!  In Social Studies, first graders learned about different jobs and responsibilities people have in their communities.  Along with . . . read more

Freeman Elementary Coding Club: A New Opportunity

Freeman Elementary will begin it’s first Coding Club for students K-6 this month.  After attending the Nebraska Education Technology Associations spring conference and seeing several other schools in the state had started a club, . . . read more

First Grade Field Trip to Beatrice

First Grade Field Trip Mrs. Ideus and Mrs. Riha’s First Grade Classes traveled to Beatrice for a fun filled Field Trip.  First Graders visited different places in Beatrice.  We stopped at the Beatrice Community Hospital. . . . read more

Fifth Graders Take a Trip to Nebraska City

    The Freeman 5th graders enjoyed a field trip to Nebraska City on Wednesday, April 27.  The day started with a visit to the Nebraska Center for Education for the Visually Impaired. The school was founded in 1875 . . . read more

Sixth Grade Students Visit SAC Museum

The Freeman sixth grade class enjoyed a wonderful day at the Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum on Thursday, April 28.  The specific field trip experience focused on WWII. The students learned about the bombing raids over . . . read more


Band Members Attend Young People's Concert

On Wednesday, February 17, members of Freeman’s fifth and sixth grade bands, loaded up and headed to Lincoln. The reason was to attend the Lincoln Symphony Orchestra’s annual Young People’s Concert. The concert, which was attended by . . . read more

4th Grade Pioneer School Day

The fourth graders have been very busy these past couple of weeks. On February 10 th , the 4 th grade class hosted a Pioneer School Day here at Freeman. During our day back in time, we imagined our classroom to be a one-room school, with . . . read more

3rd Graders Show Off Classroom Donations

Several family and friends of Freeman Elementary 3rd grade students donated Classroom Cares gift cards recently. The gift cards were used to purchase classroom buzzers, math games, and other items. The 3rd graders want to thank those who . . . read more

100 Days of School

            Friday, January 22, 2016 was the 100 th day of school at Freeman.  In celebration of 100 days, the second graders thought of 100 things that they love about our school and our . . . read more

First Grade Poems

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is here.  Mrs. Riha’s First Grade Class took some time to look ahead to the future.  We brainstormed and discussed different things students would like to do throughout the year.  . . . read more

3rd Grade - Caroling with Gold Crest

Freeman 3rd graders visited Gold Crest this past Tuesday to share their Christmas songs.  The Bell Choir of Gold Crest also shared the songs they have been practicing.  The two groups joined together in singing and playing bells. . . . read more

5th Grade Forces and Motion

December has been a fun month of active learning for our fifth grade science students. We have been busy this last quarter working with physical science standards in our classroom.  The latest standard we have been working toward . . . read more


What is trending in learning? Mrs. Andreasen’s 2 nd grade is learning how to use Twitter in the classroom as a learning tool.  A bulletin board has each student’s picture and a place for their tweet.  Students . . . read more

First Graders Visit Korner Pumpkin Patch

The two First Grade classes from Freeman visited Korner Pumpkin Patch on Friday Oct. 9th in the afternoon.  Jill Jobman discussed with the first graders the stages a pumpkin grows. She also showed the first graders the inside of . . . read more

4th Grade News

The Freeman 4 th Graders have been busy at work writing and illustrating their very own books. They got their inspiration from the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie series by Laura Numeroff. The books are about an animal that goes on one . . . read more

5th and 6th Graders Create e-Portfolios

Mrs. Archer’s  5th and 6th grade Social Studies classes are trying their hand at online portfolios, which will serve as a place for them to keep the work they have completed throughout the year.  Mr. Dalrymple, and four of . . . read more

Third Grade Visits Gold Crest

A group of 3rd graders recently visited Gold Crest Retirement Center. This was their first visit of the new school year. Half of the class of thirty-three students made this visit and completed get-to-know-you interviews with their special . . . read more

Anti-Bullying Pledge

We start every day at Freeman by reciting The Pledge of Allegiance as an entire school.  This year, we have added an Anti-Bully Pledge that we recite on Monday.  Mr. Floth's class has really embraced the importance of the . . . read more

Fun Friday Activities in First Grade

This year at Freeman Elementary, students are working hard during the week not only on school work but also their behavior in the classrooms.  As a reward for students working hard, teachers are planning Fun Friday Activities for . . . read more

Second Grade Brain Break

            The second graders have added something new to their daily schedule this year.  Every morning in the middle of our language arts block, we stop what we are doing and get up and . . . read more

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