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Citizenship Rubric

Goal Is To Improve Citizenship/Character Of Students

A citizenship program has now been implemented at Freeman Schools.  In grades 7-12, students will be evaluated by each teacher based on the rubric below.  All students will begin at (S) Satisfactory, but may be moved to another level due to events which may occur.  Students can only be moved by conferencing with the teacher, and with parent notification.  

The goal is to improve the citizenship and character of our students.  The information will be measurable, so data will provide district officials with information regarding growth in this area.

If you should have questions about how this will work, please contact the HS office.  The document is posted here so that you will understand each level of the rubric. You can also Click here to view the citizenship rubric in a printable format. 


Citizenship Rubric*


Honorable (H)

Satisfactory (S)

Needs Improvement (N)

Unsatisfactory (U)


HB1 - Courteous and respectful to teachers and all students

HB2 - Very cooperative and dependable

HB3 - Shows strong leadership

HB4 - Positive attitude at all times

HB5 - Follows classroom rules

HB6 - Uses classroom materials wisely and encourages others to do the same

SB1- Generally courteous to teachers and students

SB2- Generally cooperative and dependable

SB3- Generally accepts leadership when asked

SB4- Generally positive attitude

SB5- Generally follows classroom rules

SB6- Generally uses classroom materials responsibly

NB1- Disrespectful or discourteous

NB2- Sometimes accepts suggestions or reprimands

NB3- Monopolize teacher’s focus/hinders the progress of the class

NB4- Talkative and/or inattentive

NB5- Not outstanding for either good or poor conduct

NB6- Disregards  to follow classroom rules

NB7- May need reminders to use materials appropriately

UB1- Continually discourteous, negative, disrespectful, or uncooperative/refuses to improve behavior

UB2- Disrupts class atmosphere with attention-getting behavior

UB3- Flagrantly disregards classroom rules

UB4- Destructive of classroom materials

UB5- Plagiarizes, copies/talks, or shares answers


HP1- Self disciplined and prepared

HP2- Volunteers and participates enthusiastically

HP3- A positive force during class discussion and group work

HP4- Assists/encourages others

HP5- Completes work on time or early

HP5- Always punctual

SP1- Prepared for class

SP2 - Seldom needs urging to work independently or in group

SP3 - Participates when asked

SP4 - Completes work on time

SP5 - Usually punctual

NP1- Occasionally unprepared for class

NP2- Needs urging to work independently or in group

NP3- Participates when coaxed

NP4- Sometimes inattentive

NP5- Completes most work on time

NP6- Tardies without acceptable reasons

UP1- Unprepared for class

UP2- Refuses to participate, continually off task, and needs constant supervision to work

UP3- Refuses to participate

UP4- Missing major assignments

UP5- Habitually tardy

* Not a "Grade" and doesn't affect GPA.

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