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A Kid In My Class Has ADHD

 wpe2.jpg (6201 bytes) A Kid In My Class Has ADHD

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is a fairly common thing. About one in fifteen kids has it, so there may be someone in your class with ADHD. Sometimes you will never know. A lot of people get much better with treatment. Then you can't tell them from anyone else. However, some kids still have difficulty sitting still and paying attention.

What is ADHD?

*         Difficulty paying attention

*         Trouble keeping notebooks and assignments organized. Loses things a lot

*         Difficulty finishing things he or she has started.

*         Talks too much

*         Fidgets

*         Runs around or climbs things a lot more than other kids.

Some kids with ADHD are easy to spot. These are the ones that show everything on this list. They move around a lot. A few may have a hot-temper and get into fights easily. Other kids are just inattentive. They only have the first three things in the list. They just seem to daydream a lot. Their notebooks may be less organized and they may need reminders to get their projects finished.

Kids with ADHD might take medication, see a tutor, have extra classroom help, or see a therapist. What can you do to help?

*         If you have a work partner with ADHD, you might help them make a "to do" list.

*         Remind them about when assignments are due.

*         If you sit next to someone who is distractible, don't make it worse. Don't pass them notes or jokes during study time.

*         If the kid has a hot temper, try not to do things that will set it off.

*         Don't call them "space cadet" "stupid" or other cruel names.

*         If they want to tell you about their medications or other treatments, listen. Otherwise, don't bring it up unless you are a close friend.

ADHD is not all bad. If it were, the trait would have died out centuries ago. People with ADHD have a lot of energy and creativity. A kid with ADHD may be the tireless soccer player or the one with the weird but creative ideas. This sort of kid may grow up to be a professional ball player or a famous inventor. Be nice to him. One day, you may be proud to say that you knew the guy when he was a kid.

Carol E. Watkins, MD             www.ncpamd.com   

This message is brought to you as part of the "Healthy Minds/Healthy Bodies" educational campaign sponsored by Gage County Coalition PATCH/Healthy Lifestyles Task Force, Blue Valley Mental Health Center, Beatrice Community Hospital, and Gage County Safe Schools/Healthy Students.  For further information and resources, contact Sharon Langvardt, MS, LCMFT, Blue Valley Mental Health Center, (402) 228-3386 or bluevalley@alltel.net






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